Gay Paranormal Erotica

Vampires and werewolves and rough gay sex, oh my! Gay Vampire Slut – Jen Harker Peter was a typical homophobic frat-boy until a chance one-night stand left him with an unnatural and powerful thirst for hot salty fluids. It isn’t blood that the vampire craves, but delicious human semen. These powerful homosexual urges cannot be denied, but can Peter come to grips with the all-powerful needs of his new condition, or will trying to deny his hunger for sex drive him insane? $4.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble iBooks   Bisexual Werewolf Dominance – Jen Harker Bryce has always felt different from other men, and when his wolf-spirit awakens, he discovers why. He vies for sexual dominance with the other members of his pack, male and female, and learns to simply take what he wants from lesser beings. Can normal humans hope to resist a werewolf’s impossible sexual charisma? In the end, will Bryce be top dog, or just another bitch? $3.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble $6.95 audiobook from: iTunes Amazon
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Gay Sheriff Serial

Martin knows better than to sleep with another man’s wife… but he just can’t resist. Little does he know that that one little sin will launch him on an epic journey of sexual self-discovery! Sheriff’s Gay Revenge – Jen Harker He slept with the Sheriff’s wife. Could he pay the price? Newcomer Martin has been sleeping with Sheriff Potter’s wife Jenny, and the law-man is none too pleased when he finds out. He offers the young man a choice: leave town, or join his household. Martin chooses the latter, only to find out that he’s going to end up Sheriff Potter’s bitch. $2.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks Sheriff’s Gay Debt – Jen Harker In Episode 2, Martin’s unusual life as sexual plaything for Sheriff Bill Potter and his wife changes when the sheriff decides he needs to start pulling his weight. If Martin can’t find a job in the small town of Castor, then maybe he can earn his keep another way, settling a debt the sheriff has with the owner of Hank’s Hardware. $2.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks   Gay Sheriff’s Secret – Jen Harker In Episode 3, The […]
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Backroom Dealings

Backroom Dealings are two stories about a homophobic jock coming to terms with his sexual orientation in the best possible way – through violent and degrading gay sex! Backstage Ass Jen Harker When homophobic jock Duncan is caught trying to deface the theater department’s sets on opening day, the tech crew teaches him a lesson through violent and degrading sex. He learns a valuable lesson about tolerance — and his own sexual orientation! $2.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes and Noble iBooks   Backwoods Ass Everything changed the day homophobic jock Duncan was taught a humiliating but sexually illuminating lesson in respect by the drama club’s all male tech-crew. Now his dreams are full of hard male bodies, and he can’t stop staring at the athletic bodies in the teams’ group showers. When the Coach takes Duncan and a few of the others camping he knows that something’s amiss, but Duncan can’t just tell them about what happened… he’ll have to show them. $2.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble iBooks Back to Back Ass Get both titles in one tight package… for a significant discount! $3.99 from: Amazon dot com Barnes & Noble
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