Girl Girl

Sometimes a woman needs a woman’s touch. In these four stories, that’s just what women get!

Lesbian-Summer-RomanceLesbian Beach Party – Jen Harker

After Kimberly finally takes the initiative to break up with her emotionally abusive boyfriend, her best friend Clara decides that it’s time for a girl’s night to celebrate. Among those invited is Clara’s lesbian cousin Ruby, who just might be able to provide the tender touch that Kim needs to move on.

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LariatLariat Lesbians – Jen Harker

Katherine left town without a word three years ago, and when she comes back to sell her father’s ranch her cowgirl ex-lover Dolly has some harsh words for her — and a harsh rope. Now that Katherine is married, is there any hope for the love they once knew, or is Dolly just another part of the past best forgotten?

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backroomassBackroom Ass – Jen Harker

Tells the story of head cheerleader Alicia Stevens, who is incoherent with rage after her boyfriend Duncan suddenly turns gay and breaks up with her on Valentine’s Day. When she goes to confront the goth girl sales clerk she blames as responsible, she’s taught a lesson in discipline and respect by the clerk and an eager security guard.

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SextSext – Jen Harker

Shelly and Maria have been flirting for weeks now, and the sexual tension between the two girls is almost too much to bear. Shelly’s last sexually-charged text seems to have pushed Maria to the breaking point. Can she handle the lustful beast she seems to have unleashed?

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girl-girlGirl Girl – Jen Harker

Want to read all four stories? Check out the collection, Girl Girl, at a significant discount.

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