Gay Sheriff Serial

Martin knows better than to sleep with another man’s wife… but he just can’t resist. Little does he know that that one little sin will launch him on an epic journey of sexual self-discovery!

gayrevengesmSheriff’s Gay Revenge – Jen Harker

He slept with the Sheriff’s wife. Could he pay the price?

Newcomer Martin has been sleeping with Sheriff Potter’s wife Jenny, and the law-man is none too pleased when he finds out. He offers the young man a choice: leave town, or join his household. Martin chooses the latter, only to find out that he’s going to end up Sheriff Potter’s bitch.

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gaydebtsmSheriff’s Gay Debt – Jen Harker

In Episode 2, Martin’s unusual life as sexual plaything for Sheriff Bill Potter and his wife changes when the sheriff decides he needs to start pulling his weight. If Martin can’t find a job in the small town of Castor, then maybe he can earn his keep another way, settling a debt the sheriff has with the owner of Hank’s Hardware.

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gaysecretGay Sheriff’s Secret – Jen Harker

In Episode 3, The Sheriff lets Martin in on Castor’s dirty little secret, and asks for his help in bringing justice to the small town. Can Martin put aside his bruised ego for the sake of the greater good?

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gaydeceptionGay Sheriff’s Deception – Jen Harker

In Episode 4, Martin and the Sheriff hatch a plan to bring justice to the town of Castor’s crime lord, Wade Kirkman, a plan that involves subjecting Martin to all manner of perversions. Will Kirkman swallow the bait, or will Martin and Bill’s plan wither on the vine?

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endgameGay Sheriff’s Endgame – Jen Harker

In Episode 5, Martin’s in – Kirkman’s organization has swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker. But can Martin pull off his end of the plan, or will justice go unfulfilled? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of this gay BDSM erotica series

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sheriffsagaGay Sheriff Saga – Jen Harker

Why not get all five episodes in one tight package?

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