Gay Paranormal Erotica

Vampires and werewolves and rough gay sex, oh my!

gay vampire slutGay Vampire Slut – Jen Harker

Peter was a typical homophobic frat-boy until a chance one-night stand left him with an unnatural and powerful thirst for hot salty fluids. It isn’t blood that the vampire craves, but delicious human semen.

These powerful homosexual urges cannot be denied, but can Peter come to grips with the all-powerful needs of his new condition, or will trying to deny his hunger for sex drive him insane?

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BWDBisexual Werewolf Dominance – Jen Harker

Bryce has always felt different from other men, and when his wolf-spirit awakens, he discovers why. He vies for sexual dominance with the other members of his pack, male and female, and learns to simply take what he wants from lesser beings. Can normal humans hope to resist a werewolf’s impossible sexual charisma? In the end, will Bryce be top dog, or just another bitch?

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