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Girl Girl

Sometimes a woman needs a woman’s touch. In these four stories, that’s just what women get! Lesbian Beach Party – Jen Harker After Kimberly finally takes the initiative to break up with her emotionally abusive boyfriend, her best friend Clara

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Training Sarah

The Training Sarah series follows the sexual adventures of a recent divorcée as lifestyle dominant Carl slowly initiates her into the world of BDSM. Can she handle the kinky expectations he has of her? Sarah is out on her first

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Tentacle Breeding Stock

Three darkly erotic tales of tentacles, breeding, alien pregnancies, and drugged sex. Taken by Tentacles – Jen Harker Shelly was just one of hundreds of refugees caught up in mankind’s final battle against the Invaders until she was captured by

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Gay Paranormal Erotica

Vampires and werewolves and rough gay sex, oh my! Gay Vampire Slut – Jen Harker Peter was a typical homophobic frat-boy until a chance one-night stand left him with an unnatural and powerful thirst for hot salty fluids. It isn’t

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Gay Sheriff Serial

Martin knows better than to sleep with another man’s wife… but he just can’t resist. Little does he know that that one little sin will launch him on an epic journey of sexual self-discovery! Sheriff’s Gay Revenge – Jen Harker

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Backroom Dealings

Backroom Dealings are two stories about a homophobic jock coming to terms with his sexual orientation in the best possible way – through violent and degrading gay sex! Backstage Ass Jen Harker When homophobic jock Duncan is caught trying to

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