Backroom Dealings

Backroom Dealings are two stories about a homophobic jock coming to terms with his sexual orientation in the best possible way – through violent and degrading gay sex!

Backstage AssBackstage Ass

Jen Harker

When homophobic jock Duncan is caught trying to deface the theater department’s sets on opening day, the tech crew teaches him a lesson through violent and degrading sex. He learns a valuable lesson about tolerance — and his own sexual orientation!

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backwoods assBackwoods Ass

Everything changed the day homophobic jock Duncan was taught a humiliating but sexually illuminating lesson in respect by the drama club’s all male tech-crew. Now his dreams are full of hard male bodies,
and he can’t stop staring at the athletic bodies in the teams’ group showers.

When the Coach takes Duncan and a few of the others camping he knows that something’s amiss, but Duncan can’t just tell them about what happened… he’ll have to show them.

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b2bassBack to Back Ass

Get both titles in one tight package… for a significant discount!

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